The Alternative Mom Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Dear Fellow Daughters Out There,

I’m not quite sure who decided that Mother’s Day gifts and gift guides were limited to items adorned with floral prints, kitchen appliances in hues of pink or ivory, sweet smelling candles and petite jewelry settings. Every time I come across a new gift guide around the web, it’s a regurgitation of the same stereotypical pieces a mother should have or should want. I oppose this notion wholeheartedly. Where are the gift guides for the moms not interested in these things or for the moms who simply just aren’t as girly?

My mom, for example, has more tattoos than days of the week, enjoys watching Supernatural and plays video games. I can’t find a perfectly curated list of Mother’s Day gifts suited for her. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this. So, since one doesn’t exist, I decided to create one for myself and the other daughters out there who A) are last minute shoppers (sorry mom) and B) need to spark inspiration for what I like to lovingly call the “alternative” mom. Here are 15 ideas I think our hip moms would love:

  • 1) Gift certificate to her favorite tattoo parlor for the next art piece she’s been dreaming of – I’m not putting myself on the hook for references here, totally your preference!
  • 2) Not all moms are blonde or brunette, two years ago my mom dyed her hair scarlet red and that can take a toll on anyone’s hair. Gift her a gift certificate to get her hair professionally done – again totally your preferred salon
  • 3) My mom LOVES her sparkly Doc Martens, here are some pairs that are fun
  • 4) Not a night goes by that my mom isn’t playing Animal Crossing on her new Nintendo Switch. It’s such a cool compact electronic for the gaming moms out there // Nintendo Switch
  • 5) Grills aren’t reserved for Father’s Day gift guides. My mom loves to grill and here’s an electronic one that is condo or apartment friendly // George Foreman Standing Electric Grill for under $100
  • 6) Summer is coming! Gift your mom a rad pair of Ray Bans or this awesome cat eye pair of sunglasses from Amazon
  • 7) Moms come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and who better celebrates all women than Good American. Gift your mom an epic pair of jeans that will make her feel super confident
  • 8) My mom enjoys photography and often takes sick shots while at concerts. If your mom enjoys a similar hobby, consider this awesome polaroid camera // Polaroid Camera
  • 9) The rocker moms love music. This chic record player would fit any aesthetic and allows your mom to bust out the oldies // Record Player
  • 12) Gaming headphones could allow your mom to completely immerse herself in the digital world // Under $50 at Best Buy
  • 13) Spice up your mom’s wardrobe with some cool vintage band tees
  • 15) Kat Von D can take your mom’s makeup collection to the next level and it’s all vegan. Here are some options to consider

I hope you and your mom are able to spend this Mom’s Day together and I hope she loves her crazy, cool gifts! What are you planning on buying her this year?


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