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Hi Babes,

Summer in Chicago has finally arrived!! Some think that this good weather is fleeting and will be gone faster than it came, but as I was trekking my way from work to the train station this evening sweating profusely and almost to the point where I wished for the Polar Vortex to make a come back , I can with confidence tell you that she is here to stay for a while. One of the best parts of this warm weather is that I can finally bust out some Summer earrings I bought about a month ago from Simply Whispers. When I was looking to add to my collection for the Summer, I had my eyes peeled for color, fun shapes, mixed metals and ultimately florals. I know what you’re thinking, “florals for Summer…..groundbreaking” but when you see the ones I picked out you too will be dying for a pair. I truly think that accessories can make a look feel complete. Any of these statement pieces can take an everyday Summer outfit to the next level. Our accessories are our own pizazz, adding the perfect amount of color and complexity to the classic clothes hanging in our closets.

Simply Whispers is a brand I often discuss on my blog and Instagram. They have continued to amaze me with stellar products that are both safe and trendy. Before, where I was completely unable to put any kind of earring in, now I am starting to develop a collection of sensitive-friendly, long-lasting, fashionable pieces that are timeless and great for everyday wear. If you are sensitive to earrings just as much as I am, I highly recommend you read my previous blog post about this brand and then check out their website (linked above). You will be amazed at how incredible the products are for such a low cost!

As the new season approached, I knew I needed to add some fun statement pieces to my growing collection. I was on the hunt for the perfect pairs that instantly reminded me of sunny days and vacation. I actually did wear all six of these styles while on vacation the whole month of June. You can check out my Instagram for how I styled each pair. I really do hope that someone out there is reading this and will find this brand as life changing as I have. They really do not disappoint. You can shop all six styles I picked up for the Summer at the links below. Let me know what you think!

Silver Floral // Gold Hoops // Pink Starburst // Orange and Pink Florals // Pink Tye Dye Dangles // Bigger in the Back Red Studs


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