New Summer Ac-Scent

Hi Guys,

One of the qualities I love about a season change is the ability to also change products you use in your everyday routine to better fit the season. We all know we do it. Pumpkin Spice lattes and Cinnamon candles for Fall, Pine Tree air fresheners and Peppermint body scrub for Winter and Floral, crisp scents for Summer. Even though it may not totally feel like it here in the Midwest yet, Summer is upon us, so I knew some change was needed. Starting with a change of perfume.

Every morning before I leave for work, right before I walk out the door, I spray a couple spritz of perfume up and down my body. Just enough to make sure it lasts all day but not too much that gives me a headache. This Summer, I wanted a scent that was fresh, a little more on the floral side (because floral smells last longer) and something that reminded me of the beach. A few weeks ago, when I was in Boston, I was walking through a mall and decided to pop into Victoria’s Secret initially to find some new leggings. To my surprise, the associate asked me to smell the new Bombshell Paradise perfume. I was very hesitant; I have my two VS perfumes I always wear: Tease and Heavenly. Not really in the market for a new one, but as she waived one waft in the air, I was sold.

It reminds me of Key West in its prime. The scent is soft, airy, floral with a hint of clean laundry. It has all the sultry accents of my favorite VS perfumes mixed perfectly with a new-aged fresher take. Not to mention it comes in the cutest pink, glass bottle which looks so elegant sitting on my dresser. Now before I leave for work, I spray three times down my body and two times up, just enough for the aroma to linger on my clothes all day long. I get admirers asking multiple times a day what scent I am wearing because they too love it. Exactly what you want in a perfume. If you are looking for a new eau de parfum, I highly recommend you stopping into your local Victoria’s Secret and trying this one out. Here is the link to Bombshell Paradise as well if you want to check it out online. It is currently out of stock in the regular size bottle, but the travel size is available on clearance for $6.99 and could be the perfect way for you to test without being fully committed just yet!

Some other products I’ve changed out of my daily routine to fit with the new Summer season and LOVE: Bare by Kylie Cosmetics as my new everyday, nudey pink lip shade, DryBar’s Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo to keep my hair ashy, light blonde all Summer, Glossier’s Hydrating Moon Mask to keep my skin moisturized in the heat and It Cosmetic’s Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage in one shade darker because not only does it match my tanner skin better but this foundation also has SPF 50+ which is SO important in order to protect from the Summer sun!

I’d love to know any Summer themed products you are using right now! Comment below if you have any that you are also loving!


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