Reinventing Your Closet

Dress: Who What Wear Wrap Dress, similar one from Target here / Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar in Black / Cami: Target in Black / Shoes: Similar ones in Black from DSW

Hi Friends and Happy Friday,

Since I have to constantly remind myself that I don’t have unlimited funds and am not a self-made billionaire like Kylie Jenner (yet lol), I recently found a sort of thrill about taking items already in my closet and transforming them in new and innovative ways. Fashion is a form of art, and when I take something I already own and transform it to look or feel like something else, I feel as though I just painted the next Starry Night. It’s fun to think outside of the box and exercise my creative muscles with the wardrobe I already own. Earlier this week, I showed on my Instagram a dress I had styled to allude to a skirt paired with a knotted graphic tee. In the above pictures, it may just look like a normal kimono, but the floral piece I am wearing is actually a Who What Wear wrap dress that I unbuttoned and altered to look like a kimono. Simple little tweaks and modifications can trick people into thinking you have twice the size of the closet you actually do. I mean what’s a little trickery here and there, it keeps life interesting. I took some time to peruse my closet and came up with some other ideas in how I could manipulate some of my long-standing pieces into new, ready-to-wear masterpieces.

1. My Denim Jumpsuit: I could pair this item I bought last summer with a blouse underneath to look like overalls.

2. Cross Bod Bag: With just a couple unhooks, I can turn a typical cross body purse into a fanny pack by looping it through my jeans.

3. Knee Length Dress: Tuck the front into jean shorts for the Summer to give the illusion of a high-low top.

4. Old Scarf: There’s one thin scarf in my closet that I probably haven’t worn since high school. Hair accessories are all the rage right now and with a pair of scissors, I could cut a foot-long strip to tie into my next high pony.

5.  Tube Top Dress: Shimmy a tube top dress down to your waist and you have a new skirt that you could wear with any shirt.

I hope this read inspired you to think of inventive ways to wear the clothes you already spent your hard-earned money on. If you have any other ideas, I would love to read them, so post a comment below!


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